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PhysioGo is a physio and rehab center that provides personalized treatment in comforting environment so people can be their best self and discover meaningful opportunities.


Physiogo consists of dedicated physiotherapists that aim to help patients involved with injuries, disease, conditions, or disability by means of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, rehab program, and care advice based on theories and evidence-based studies.

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Our trained & professional physiotherapists will help you carry out your daily activities more comfortably and productively.

Physiogo provides physiotherapy assessment, treatment, and consultation to help you feel at peace with your health and wellbeing every day.

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Beautiful and comfortable Physiotherapy Center, extensively experienced and qualified therapists, it is recommended if there is physical pain, back pain, neck pain and others.

– Anis Athirah

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Our trained & professional physiotherapists assured a personalized program in a comforting environment to nurture your best healing journey.

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Based on commitment and determination in providing the best treatment to all, we want to help you to have the maximum level of physical health in order to return to live a more meaningful life.

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PHYSIOGO started in 2016 and has treated thousands of patients since that. PHYSIOGO consists of dedicated physiotherapists that aim to help patients involved in injuries, diseases, conditions, or disabilities by means of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, rehab program, and care advice based on theories and evidence-based studies.

PHYSIOGO also collaborate with the company who appoints us as a physiotherapy panel for their employee benefit. Physiogo provides the best possible service at a reasonable cost. With this great service, we are among the preferred physiotherapy centers by the public.

Mr. Arif Yusuf

– Founder of Physiogo



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